Thursday, 16 June 2011

Reply to email from CHAINBOW

I received an email from Roger Southern who is 'important' at Chainbow telling me he wants to help but cannot... I emailed him as follows but so far have received no reply

Dear Roger,

Thank you for the email which is somewhat disingenuous.

  We will willingly send out any communication to all leaseholders on your behalf

What you fail to add was that it would cost me a considerable amount of money for you to do this - that is what I was told yesterday.

For me to send a 'round robin email' via your address list, of all the leaseholders of the flats in Stewart House, is going to cost me what exactly? Is the charge you intend making , the reason you appear to be unreasonably withholding information (email address's) of fellow leaseholders?

An overdose of PC is very unhelpful and is frequently used to avoid transparency...  I really hope not in this case.

So let me pose the following questions. 

Does any person with a leasehold in Stewart House receive any financial remuneration from yourselves - commissions etc or pay a lesser amount of monies than the rest of us for the various charges or otherwise benefit in any way whatsoever by being either the secretary or on the committee? Were they ever paid a 'reward' for bringing the business to you?  If so what?

Yours truly

Michael E Briant

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