Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Are you a concerned leaseholder?

I am becoming very concerned about the way the secretary and directors of the management commitee commission expensive works, without any consultation with the leaseholders,, who have to pay for these decisions. This is not Peabody estates!!!!

Chainbow refuse to give me a list of leaseholders so that I may consult with them. To withhold this information is totally unacceptable and I wonder what they have to hide?

Proper consultation should be exercised with leaseholders before tens of thousands of pounds worth of work is undertaken and perhaps we should look at finding a less expensive management company, which will be more user friendly.

If you are happy with the amount of your money that is being spent then don't bother to reply or comment but some 6 leaseholders I have already contacted are as concerned as I am about what's going on.

Please contact me at michael@michaelbriant.com or via this blog.



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