Sunday, 19 June 2011

Chainbow made an offer but so far not fulfilled it...

Had a pleasant exchange with CHAINBOW's MD called Roger who said of course he would send out an email on my behalf... On Thursday I sent him the 'round robin' email as below but up to now it has not been sent out... I await next week with interest to hear from fellow leaseholders if they have received my email sent via CHAINBOW...

what I wrote in the email really sums up my concerns..

it is as follows:

My name is Michael Briant and I am the leaseholder of Flat 13 Stewart House.

I and other owners/leaseholders are becoming concerned at the level of expense generated by our management committee on repairs and maintenance of the block of flats at Stewart House, Leroy Street.

The latest demand for £1,000 per flat for future works on the courtyard is a worry.

A solution to this problem is that we require the management committee to consult on any works which are going cost an individual flat more than say £200 in any year. A proper assessment of what is actually essential maintenance and what is cosmetic, should be presented to all leaseholders and a democratic vote taken on it by email - one flat - one vote.

The works contemplated on the external courtyard worrying.
What are these works?
Why are they needed?
What is essential and what is cosmetic?
How was the decision to do these works arrived at?
How come quotes are quoted with and without scaffolding? Pointless to even mention quotes without scaffolding as it is hugely expensive.

I am of the opinion that any improvements should be subject to the wishes of all leaseholders and not just committee members. 

If you feel as I do, that we need some control over the actions of the management committee, who are not the freeholders, but merely people  appointed to manage the day to day running of the flats, then I suggest you email me briefly as follows including the no of the flat you own in Stewart House and your name.
I agree that the management committee needs to have restrictions on the way it spends our money.
I disagree and believe the management committee should not be restricted in the way it spends our money and is doing an excellent job.

If you want to know more about me then please visit http// - I am not in the habit of writing this sort of email.  I have read the demand for £1,000 sent to another flat and decided it would be prudent to find out, before I receive the demand, what other leaseholders - flat owners feel.  There is no obligation on us to pay this demand if a majority feel it is unreasonable.

The secretary and committee are our servants - in the end they are obliged to do what the majority of leaseholders require. To be fair I think they are well intentioned but in this age of austerity perhaps a little to free with our monies.

If a minority reply saying they are happy to pay the £1,000 then I will drop the subject immediately.   If a majority have the same concerns as I do, then I will suggest that the management committee consults more and has restrictions placed on it's power to spend our money without consultation.

Because I live in Spain, Chainbow have graciously agreed to send this email to all flat leaseholders/owners on my behalf and to give me a list of flats that do not have email address's so I may write to them individually. I thank them for that.

Thank you for reading this


Michael Briant (Flat 13)

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